I love Kelowna. If elected I will bring fresh, new, innovative ideas to Kelowna City Council.

We are about to enter a new age of innovation and opportunity in Kelowna. Vote to ensure that creative solutions are part of the conversation at City Hall. I will bring people together and make our best ideas happen.

Ideas are sparked when you listen, connect potential, and collaboratively create something that the community wants. I’ve been doing it for years in Kelowna. Some examples are New York New Years, “What’s On?”, and TimeDrive (an idea I supported).

Ideas for cities flourish when you have trusted relationships throughout the community. People trust me because I deliver on my promises.

Ideas become action when you know how to work collaboratively with a variety of partners. In my line of work I specialize in creating partnerships where the sum is greater than the parts (Canada Day). Imagine what can be done if that style of determination and action is on Kelowna City Council.

Ideas only truly happen with hard work. I work hard. Always have. Always will.

This site is about hearing your ideas as much as it is about promoting my ideas. Thanks for spending some time on my site today.

I appreciate your consideration. On Nov 15th please vote Ryan Donn for City Council.